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Barker Field

is a fenced, multi-acre dog park situated in Richmond's Byrd Park behind the Carrilon and Dogwood Dell outdoor theater. It's a wooded site, with water, shelters, and seating. Dog owners visit the park in all weathers. There are usually several dogs there, sometimes several dozen, playing and chasing each other around the park. There are separate areas for large and small dogs. Barker Field opened its gates in October of 1998. Since then, with volunteer labor and private donations, we continually improve the facilities for both dogs and their owners. Join us in a social atmosphere, “where a dog can be a dog”.

Barker Field Swag

www.zazzle.com/fobfswag* is our Sweatshirt & Hoodie Factory. When you get there, buy the Two Dogs Chasing logo or click Sally Brant Sketches to see all 130+ items. Sally, a founding mother of Barker Field, gifted a few dozen sketches of dogs at Barker Field for these high-quality tee-shirts, hoodies, sweat-shirts, and aprons! The price includes a generous markup for FOBF, about $7 on a Hoodie, $5 on a Sweatshirt, $4 on a Tee.

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Friends of Barker Field is organized under the 501C3 umbrella of Enrichmond Foundation. Contributions to Barker Field are fully tax-deductable. Encourage your employer to contribute!. FOBF is recognized by the City of Richmond as the organization that cares and advocates for Barker Field Dog Park. Without care, dog parks quickly become nasty mudholes! Without advocacy, dog parks become dangerous. We post the rules, get the chips, keep the grass cut, clear the drain field for the the watering area, fix the gates, and do all we can to make Barker Field the best it can be. We appreciate those who speak up to violators of our rules -- call 911 if it doesn't work.

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Rescues & Adoptions

Barker Field heartily encourages dog rescue groups & folks who provide foster care and work hard to find forever homes for dogs. Adopt a dog, and help them however you can! Many, or most, of Barker Field's dogs were rescued and adopted, some of them from these Rescures:

Protect Your Dog from Intestinal Parasites

Soil at Barker Field harbors larvae and eggs for intestinal worms and giardia. Most of the holes dogs dig have at least one kind of larvae or egg! If your dog eats dirt or plays with dirty balls he or she is likely ingesting parasites! Even if she's just running on grass there's a risk.

It's better to prevent parasite infections than it is to kill adult parasites after a dog has been infected. Use a Heart Worm preventative that also protects for Whip, Hook, and Round Worms.

Not every heart worm preventative protects against all three types of worms! And some Whip Worm preventatives are only active a few days a month!

Let your Vet know your dog goes to the dog park. Ask for advice about preventatives and de-worming. Flea control is the best preventative for tapeworms, and only two tapeworm eggs have been observed in 300+ samples from soil or feces at Barker Field.

Always take a stool sample when you take your dog to the Vet, a teaspoon of fecal matter is plenty, in a fold of aluminum foil is fine. Let the Vet rule out worms, giardia, or coccidia if your dog develops loose or mucusy stools without a change in diet.

Help FOBF Enforce The Rules

Peer pressure is the best way of enforcing Barker Field's rules. Nearly 100% of incidents involving injury or threats to persons and dogs at Barker Field would have been prevented if our rules had been followed.

Please speak up, politely, to violators of our rules, especially the top 3:

  • No Chidren Under 12
  • No Un-neutered Dogs
  • Supervise & Clean Up After your Dog

Click Barker Field's Rules to see the full list of rules.