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Friends of Barker Field

Caring for Richmond's First Dog Park

Fundraiser / Gateraiser:

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2015 Fundraiser Gateraiser

Help us build a new main “gateway” for easier access to the park. Your donations will build the improved gateways to the park. The new entrance into the large play area will have two separate gateways, with enlarged vestibules, a level and shaded surface which is designed to provide ease of entry for our patrons in wheelchairs or other mobility issues.

No we are not leaving out the the small dog play area, it will also get a gateway upgrade.

With your support Barker Field has seen the expansion of the park, planting of trees, installation of benches, waste stations upgrades as well as the enlargement of the small dog park. This summer, three new water stations will be installed. We are developing a master plan for the entire park, from a “wish list” of patrons’ idea. We are getting better and better, with your help.

With your donations and volunteering, Barker Field will continue to be Richmond's premier dog park.

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78% of $2000:


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Amount In Name Of
25.00 Anonymous
20.00 Sally
25.00 Woody
100.00 Levi
500.00 Tye Dog
25.00 Oreo Yates-Handly
25.00 Pamela Ferrell
50.00 Jack,Izzy,Storm
150.00 Gabby & Hector
25.00 Inka
25.00 Todd & Ginger Ailor
25.00 Anonymous
100.00 J Snead
50.00 Walkerton Mordica
20.00 Aikido RVA
392.50 17 less recent gifts



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